why … are things looking up?

sooo, I held back from updating because I wanted to make sure things were actually getting better … before jumping the gun and saying they’re getting better. yep, I’m a firm believer in jinxing yourself, because it happens to me all. the. time.

I feel like the moment I’m positive about something, some life force out there is like “oh? you’re feeling good? nah, not on my watch sis. *sends curse*”
…. forreal tho, that’s how it be sometimes.

ANYWAY, so the ointment I was given by my doctor has been working. see, even just saying that is worrying me that it’s going to eventually stop working. but for now, that’s what it is. and all I can do is thank god. and hope that continuing my good diet of eating more vegetables, less sugar/carbs will help prevent some future breakouts.

one complaint I am currently having is the fact that the diet I’ve been on has made me sooo skinny, and I’m not here for it honestly. my aunt told me I lost my butt and it almost sent me over the edge. that’s like a big fucking deal alright, cuz I used to pride myself in having an ass. we gotta fix that real soon…

one more month on this diet and then hopefully I can eat semi-normal again ….. and then squats! squats! SQUATS!


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