why? white privilege at its finest.

this isn’t supposed to be an attack, but more so, an observation.

so I’m at the dermatologist and there’s two other women waiting before me. ok fine. in comes this old white woman, maybe in her late 60s. the receptionist, who apparently had already spoken to her says, “yeah I’m sorry he’s backed up today, he came in a little late.” the woman then proceeds to complain about how she told her she needed to be out of here by 12:10 pm (it was 11:30 am), and that they should have informed her that it would be busy … strike one of showing her privilege. the receptionist wouldn’t have known it was going to be backed up today, and why should she bother to call this ONE woman up to inform her of this? girl, please.

the receptionist then apologizes and says she would have called if she had known the doctor would be late.

strike two of showing her privilege: the woman says “okay, well can he just see me now? I have a class to teach.”

???? no one asked you to make an appointment right before your class ma’am … anyway, here’s the rest of the convo:

receptionist: I understand, but these other people were before you and I can’t just let you go first.

woman: ok, but can’t he just see me really quickly, it’s for a small bite.

receptionist: I understand, but he can’t just look at you quickly and come up with a diagnosis. you just need to wait your turn.

woman: but I took the morning off for this, and I won’t be able to come back for a while. so why not just let me see him next? I need to be out of here soon.

receptionist: again, I understand, but these people have things to do as well and have been waiting longer.

she continues to ask why and thennnnn … ready for strike three? she asks each of us waiting if we would mind if she went before us. so the two other women kept their heads down and ignored … and dammit I wish I had gotten the memo. like why didn’t y’all inform me on the low that we were gonna ignore her????

so of COURSE she sees my dumbass look and pleads that I let her go before me. at this point I can’t help but say “it’s fine”. she says thank you. I immediately think to myself “fucking shit. why’d I have to give her the satisfaction of knowing that people like her can get their way each and every time”.

for the next 40 minutes (yes bitch you still had to wait), she continuously asked the receptionist “how much longer?” in a rude tone. how much longer?? … longer than my dumbass will have to wait, don’t worry!

listen, I don’t care what anyone says. this white woman proved that white privilege is very real. if she had been a POC, I think she would have realized we’re all in the same fucking boat and had given up within the first 5 minutes. why do I think that? because naturally, POC are not used to getting their own way most of the time. it’s instilled in us that society doesn’t just hand us a golden ticket whenever we want. so we give in. white people, however, are so used to everything being handed to them on a silver platter. it’s like the kid with the parent who spoils them and knows that if they’re persistent enough, they’ll get that candy they want. this was the perfect example.

this woman gets to go before me for a small bite on her neck, MEANWHILE I look like I have a disease on my face. but it’s my fault, I guess.

…white privilege must be great, man.


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