why? re: my username

I still don’t know how this fully works but if you can see my username, it’s 5th3lement. I kinda felt like explaining it because it’s one of the things I can talk about forever.

the fifth element. if you haven’t seen it, see it. it’s my favorite movie ever and I don’t care what anyone thinks. that movie has like, every thing I love about movies in one. action, drama, comedy, and the occasional romance. what else? it has milla. fucking. jovovich. aka the best action actress, in my opinion. bruce willis is pretty great and surprisingly cute in it too. oh and I can’t forget chris tucker, in one of the funniest roles ever.

why else do I love this movie? there’s something really weird about it that i’ve never been able to explain. from the first moment I saw it as a kid, I always thought it was much different than many of the movies I had seen. maybe it’s the futuristic elements to it, which still work well today. (we still don’t have flying cars?)

maybe it’s the weird aliens in it … or maybe it’s the amazing, and one of most intriguing characters ever, Diva Plavalaguna. I think her opera singing scene nails exactly what I mean by the weirdness I’m talking about. that scene is so aesthetically strange, but pulls you in and then ends with an amazing upbeat, ass-kicking track accompanied by great dance moves.

anyway, just felt like talking about that to take my mind off my current situation. again, if you haven’t seen the fifth element go watch. now.



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