my list of top shows you should be watching on netflix/hulu/wherever.

not starting the title off with “why” this time, mostly because I didn’t know how to fit it in. don’t worry though, it’s still a thing.

so, if there’s anything i’m highly experienced and knowledgable in, it’s TV shows. I love them. I never really cared for them growing up, unless you count the kiddie shows and sitcoms. but when I was going through my issues about 3 summers ago, I turned to watching TV shows. and I couldn’t stop. they helped take my mind off things and some of them were so damn good. so I’m giving my list of top shows to watch on netflix, or hulu or wherever, for anyone that cares. I think I have good taste so …

1. Chuck


hands down, my favorite show. I have the DVDs and I’ve watched it over many times. why is this my favorite show? because again, just like the fifth element, it has all the genres I love watching. action, comedy, suspense and romance. chuck is a show for everyone. I mean it. just watch the pilot, and if you’re not into it then you have no soul, and just … leave.

bonus: zachary levi and yvonne strahovski have the best chemistry I’ve ever seen in tv couple history. and they’re both hot as hell.

2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer


I don’t think I even need to explain this one. it’s hailed as one of the best TV shows ever. and rightfully so. Buffy is fucking amazing. if there’s anything I love, it’s an ass-kicking female lead. and sarah michelle gellar does an amazing job portraying the character, who honestly serves as the perfect idol for any person watching.

3. Dexter


I’ve always had a morbid curiosity about many things. growing up i’d watch stuff like forensic files and ghost hunters and shit, and enjoyed every second of it. so when I first heard about dexter, I was sold. going inside the mind of a serial killer? yeah, I’m in. and I’m glad I gave it a shot because it’s really amazing in different ways. there’s people who say the show goes downhill after season 4, but I don’t really agree. I do think you can skip season 7 if you want. it’s about religion stuff … if you needed a reason. people also didn’t like the way the show ended, but I think it worked out in some ways.

if anything, watch season 4. one of the best season finales of TV ever.

4. Breaking Bad


really don’t think I need to explain this one…

5. Orange is The New Black


this shouldn’t really be in my top list since the show hasn’t ended and therefore still has a chance of going to shit. but for now, orange is a great, great show. the 95% female cast is enough of a reason to love it. add to that the fact that there’s so much diversity amongst them. my personal favorite part is the Latina group. I honestly have never watched a show that depicted the people I grew up with, so it’s always so refreshing and cool to watch them. not only that, but they’re an integral part of the cast, not just background characters.

bonus shows I love:

arrow – great comic depiction.

scandal – good, messy ass TV.

house of cards – the smart one of the bunch.

it’s always sunny in philadelphia – funny as hell. also, fucked up.

shameless (US) – title says it all.

friday night lights – mostly seasons 4 and 5 because michael b. jordan.

parenthood – mostly season 2 because michael b. jordan.

alias – i’m still watching this, but another great female ass-kicking lead.

the blacklist – also currently watching. good FBI drama.

and dassit!


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